A Wild And Free of Greynie

Stud Dog "U" C.I.E, C.I.B, GChCZ, Ch CZ, SK, HU - cand. CACT


Hunting cynology 

Exams, competitions, memorials trophy, pictures and galery


Sport cynology

Exams and league competitions in obedience, scent work and defence



Exhibitions performance, show titles, pictures and galery



Who I am, I am because of You :-)





 CZ Champion

A Wild And Free of Greynie

  • Born: 27.2.2015
  • Height 66 cm
  • DKK + DLK A + 0/0
  • DCM Negativ


  • C.I.E. Champion International d’exposition
  • C.I.B.  Champion International de beauté
  • Grand Champion of CZ
  • Champion of CZ, SK, HU
  • BIG 5 on MVP Prague
  • 17x Excelent, 1x CAJC, 1x BOJ, 12x CAC, 3x res. CACIB, 5x CACIB, 2x BOS, 3x BOB, 1x BIG 5, 3x Ntional winner


Hunting Cynology - cand. CACT

  • All Round Exam 2nd. merit
  • Forest Exam 1st. merit
  • Autumn Exam 1st. merit
  • Special Water Exam 1st. merit
  • Ability Exam 1st. merit
  • Wesentest - WG2/WF1 1st. merit

Sport Cynology

  • UPr1 Good
  • BH-VT Excelent
  • ZPU1 Excelent
  • ZZO Excelent
  • ZZO1 Good
  • ZOP Very Good


26-27-9.2020 XVI.Richar Sramek Memorial 2nd Place 388/400 CACT Field 2nd Place 1st. merit 288/300 Water 1st Place 1st. merit, 100/100

12-13.9.2020 CZ Weimaraner Club CACT contest FIELD+WATER. 2nd Place 391/400 Res.CACT Field 2nd Place 1st. merit 293/300 Water 4th Place 1st. merit, 98/100

6.7.2020 - 4 boys Aurella "U" + Bond "U

30.5.2020 UPr1 Another successfully passed exam in sport cynology "Good" by IGP

1.5.2020 - 4 girls 3 boys Alma 

18.4.2020 6 girls 2 boys Judd "U"

4.8.2019 Lulu + Bond

20.9.2019 - 3 girls 5 boys

16.6.2019 BH-VT Another successfully passed exam in sport cynology "Excelent" by IGP

10-11-12-06.2019 CACIB Komárom HU

3xCAC, 3XCACIB, 1xBOS, 1x BOB, Ch-HU, C.I.E.